Wedding Made Perfect

I was so nervous as me and my fiance were deciding just who we would have playing music at our wedding. He wanted a friend of his and I wanted a professional. We were in a disagreement so big that I almost thought that we might have to call off the wedding. Then, someone recommended an events violinist to us and we listened to the kind of music that this man could play. We were very happy with the results and we finally had a musician that we could agree upon. We found that the man that we choose was just the right pick, and we were very happy with our choice. The wedding was perfect, and we were both happy with our choice in regard to music. Everything turned out beautifully.

Beautiful Music

Walking in to the dimly lit club downtown was like stepping back 40 years for Sal. No one could see the lines on her face or the gray coming through her freshly dyed brunette hair. All the men looked at her like she was still a 20 year old knockout in her tight red dress. The light hearted atmosphere was dirty and filled with cigarette smoke, but no one cared. The saxophone player Manchester seemed to be playing everyone’s favorite song. Now, it was hers too, even though she had never heard it before. After finding a seat at the bar, she waited. Thirsty, she looked around to see who was there. Soon, some lonely sap would buy her a drink. Sal never came in this place with any money of her own. “That’s what looks are for,” her mama always told her.

Fashion Show Faux Pas and the Power of Frienship

Yesterday was the fashion show for young artists at our community center. I was modeling along with some of my friends. We were all supposed to be there at 1 so the show could start at 3. Sondra, who is never on time, shows up after swim practice at 2:45, 15 minutes before show time. At this point the hair and makeup artist Manchester was gone, so my friends and I sprung into action. Rachel and Sarah styled her hair, while James and I applied the necessary touches to her face. Sondra did not no what hit her. In no time, we were on stage looking beautiful and raising money for young designers in our community. Friendship is a powerful thing, with the right group of friends you can accomplish anything.

Bumpy Road

My little sister was hopping jobs all the time and she could not figure out what career path that she wanted to follow. I was online and saw an advertisement for becoming a wedding makeup artist Manchester. The first thing that clicked in my head, was that this is the perfect career for my sister. She is fun, creative, friendly and is always buying all the new makeup that comes out in stores.

I printed her out a list of schools that she could attend while working her part-time night shift. She was hesitant at first, but she pulled it off! She has been happily working at a spa about 5 miles from her home. From time to time, she will get a phone call to work for a photo shoot for models or for special events. I am glad that she is now making a great salary, has a steady career and she is happy with the path that she chose.

Yer pulling my leg!

My first experience with thai massage Liverpool should have scared me off forever. Instead, all done, my body was radiating. I was loose, my shoulders were visibly more relaxed. My mind was clear. My legs itched to dance, run, whatever.

I’d have liked to know, though, that the masseur would try to fold me like a roll-away cot. Doubting it’s a regular part of the regimen, I’d take a heads-up that the masseur may jam his heel into my groin for leverage while pulling on my leg. Maybe a little bit harder than I’d have liked. Just to the point of needing a safety word.
A week of regular activity later, my body practically begged to be folded, twisted and pulled… except my groin, which felt like a heel had jammed into it a week prior.

My second time confirmed, without a heel to the groin, this could prove addictive.

Marty’s New Forge

Marty was beside hiself. Mostly out of happiness and anticipation, but some anxiety was there also. He had been making sculptures of various kinds since grade school. Now he had a proper forge to work with bronze.

His first attempt would be a medallion featuring a family sitting by a tree with a creek in the foreground. It would be his first sculpture using molten metal, other than an experiment with Wood’s metal. He would use the medallion in his portfolio if it came out well.

The pattern was already pressed into a container of ground silica sand near the forge. He knew that as long as he had held a passion for sculpture that he would feel this kind of excitement for the rest of his life (at least, if he could support himself in this line of work). He carefully added the bronze pellets to the hopper.

A Wedding that Stands Out Above the Rest

Sure, you can go with the “norm” and hire a band or a DJ for your wedding, but if you would like to stand out from the crowd and give your guests an event to remember, hire a wedding saxophonist. They give your wedding a special style and class.

You may be concerned about the kind of music they will play and if their music would be easy and enjoyable for your guests to dance to. Well, let me put your fears to rest and ask if you ever heard of a fabulous saxophonist known as Kenny G. Kenny G has shown us through this fabulous array of music that it is not a “cookie-cutter” style. Many different forms of music can be played.

Make your beautiful day unforgettable by providing this unique form of entertainment. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes so you can dance the night away.

My Uncle’s Glass Farm

When I was a child, I used to visit my uncle’s farm. He grew food and animals there. One part of his farm was filled with glass. My siblings and I used to call this his glass farm.

One day I asked him why he kept growing all that glass. He laughed, at the idea, not at me. He explained that one of the jobs he did locally was replacing glass windows in buildings. When he was done, the customers would let him take the glass home. He would then keep it until he was ready to mix a new batch of glass. He would add the old glass to the mix. He explained he worked with glass, and he produced art with it.

He said that this recycled glass media made it easier to make the amount of new glass he needed. My uncle pointed out the glass would not end up in the local landfill. Years later, I discovered my uncle was known for glass making. As a child, I looked at him as just an uncle who did odd and interesting things. He was a man ahead of his time.